A Mental Health Break

Mental Health Pop Star Joins A Mental Health Break

March 15, 2022 Vincent A. Lanci/ Morgan Beard Season 8 Episode 12
A Mental Health Break
Mental Health Pop Star Joins A Mental Health Break
Show Notes

The role parents/ guardians play in molding us, and later finding ways to becoming our true authentic selves.

How to overthrow unworthiness and rewrite the "not good enough" script that keeps you playing small?

How to overcome the hidden, internal obstacles that keep you stuck in the same patterns and prevent you from meeting your goals?

How to ignite your creativity to de-stress, overcome depression and design your best life?

What is art therapy?

How did you overcome suicidal depression? What was it like?

Mental Health Pop Star Morgan Beard answers all of this and more! Managing depression and anxiety since age 13 made personal development a non-negotiable. She received her BA in Visual and Media Studies from Duke University in 2012 and her MPS in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2017. As an art therapist in New York, she worked in a public elementary school, an adult inpatient psychiatric unit, and a 183-bed nursing home. Her life came to a screeching halt after burning out in pursuit of licensure and entering another major depressive episode.

Focused for the first time on her own happiness, Morgan moved across the country and started over in Los Angeles. Morgan Beard has dedicated her life to using creativity to heal and empower.  She began building her life coaching business, working with individuals to create holistically fulfilling lives and families to increase communication and harmony. This gave her the confidence to embrace her earliest passion for singing and make music to help people move.

Morgan's pop EP, Ele.mental released in 2022.

WELCOME BACK to A Mental Health Break. This is the podcast where we normalize the conversation on mental health. You are not alone. This week's spotlight story is on Tyler Perry.
After Host Vincent A. Lanci suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) he learned that he needed to prioritize my mental health. He wants to help you do the same.

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