A Mental Health Break

How Therapy Changed Her World: Graphic Design to LCSW

August 16, 2022 Vincent A. Lanci/ Tanya Cole-Lesnick Season 10 Episode 7
A Mental Health Break
How Therapy Changed Her World: Graphic Design to LCSW
Show Notes

Self Care, We Are All Unique, Being Honest with Yourself, and so much more. Did you have a transformative moment in your life that led you to focusing on your mental health? If so, this is the show for you!

Some areas of discussion with Mental Health Advocate and Professional Tanya Cole-Lesnick include:

  • • The importance of discomfort and vulnerability for transformation.
    • There's nothing wrong with us, it's just part of the human condition.
    • Why your needs, wants and boundaries are more important than
    being “good” or doing what you “should” be doing.
  • • What happens when we don’t honor our energy levels? and so much more.
  • Spotlight Story: As we have a guest on the show who had a transformative experience in therapy, this week we discuss, "8 Celebrities Talk About Their Experiences with Therapy". Follow along here: https://thriveworks.com/blog/celebrities-experiences-therapy/ 

Tanya Cole-Lesnick has been a psychotherapist and coach since 1995. She received her master’s degree in social work from New York University after group therapy changed her life. She has extensive experience in outpatient hospital mental health, private practice, and wellness center settings. 

From those experiences over the years she has identified her most important focus—helping people to live lives that light them up. She does this by helping clients to access and honor their truth, to change habits that don’t serve them, and to heal faulty narratives so that they are living in alignment inside and out. 

Her work revolves around intimate groups as the sharing of inner worlds and being human together in a safe space is what she finds to be the most powerful way for lives to transform.

Website: http://www.tanyacole-lesnick.com
Email: tanya@tanyacole-lesnick.com

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