A Mental Health Break

Switching Worlds After Struggling to Understand

September 20, 2022 Vincent A. Lanci/ Dr. Rita Brock Season 10 Episode 11
A Mental Health Break
Switching Worlds After Struggling to Understand
Show Notes

After spending her  first 5 years in Japanese Buddhist family, Dr. Rita Brock entered the US military world with her stepfather. After struggling to understand a world that was different from her Japanese Buddhist upbringing, she made many changes in life. Tune-in to find out.

She will discuss these areas and so much more:
-Starting over
-How to deal with shock
-How to deal with hatred
-Why having someone to count on is important
-What is spiritual health?
-Why resonating with others help things make sense
-Overcoming moral challenges
-Some baseball banter, too!

In addition to discussing what overwhelmed Americans can do to manage moral distress, including children as they being school again, Rita is also  working on a national project to help first responders suffering from moral injury distress and moral distress get the help they need.  She developed a program called ReST 4 First Responders which recently launched. 

Meet Rita Nakashima Brock, Rel. M., M.A., Ph.D.: Senior Vice President and Director of the Shay Moral Injury Center at Volunteers of America. She leads the organization’s efforts to deepen understanding about moral injury in the many populations who experience it. The center builds on Volunteers of America’s work, spanning more than a century, of helping veterans and others who live with this emotional trauma.

She is a leading national expert on moral injury in combat veterans and has offered trainings for VA mental health providers, for professional chaplains, and for veterans and their families.

In her first master’s degree, Dr. Brock studied youth development, psychology of religion, and pastoral counseling and was employed as a youth minister. 

As we have someone on the show familiar with youth development, this week’s spotlight story at the halfway point will an article titled, Adolescent mental health, from the World Health Organization.  Follow along here.

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