A Mental Health Break

Using Autism to Find Success in Business

February 04, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Peter Mann Season 12 Episode 5
A Mental Health Break
Using Autism to Find Success in Business
Show Notes

Peter unknowingly tapped into being neurodivergent, using his autism to become a highly successful serial entrepreneur and CEO. After being late diagnosed autistic, he is now an advocate for autism awareness in the workplace.

Being autistic allowed him to:

  • See unusual patterns to improve business strategy
  • Create first-of-kind products with unique physical designs
  • Take business risks

Other Areas of Discussion Include:

  • Anxiety with autism
  • Minimizing breakouts
  • Sensor Sensitivty
  • “Sameness”
  • How becoming a vegetarian and proper sleep improved his mental health 

About his company: My grandmother grew up in Finland, and I’ve always been drawn to clean, Nordic design and simplicity. Autistic people like me are triggered by visual noise and minimalistic, clean designs create joy. Oransi is a variation of oranssi, the Finnish word for orange. I grew up in Syracuse, NY where my dad was an adjunct professor at Syracuse Univ (the orange) as well as a mechanical engineer for GE. In growing up around the world of GE, I saw how we used to make appliances and electronics locally in the '70s' and '80's and watched it all move overseas. Super excited to be reshoring.

  • A US navy veteran and former Dell executive, he founded Austin-based Alen Corp in 2002, a company that designs and manufactures indoor air purifiers. After bootstrapping from zero to $14M, Peter sold Alen Corp in 2009 and founded Radford, Virginia-based Oransi – an electric motor technology and indoor air purification manufacturing company with a clean energy mission.
  • Oransi recently bought a large manufacturing facility in Virginia and is hiring more than a hundred local workers to move the company’s entire manufacturing to the US from China. He is also the Chair of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

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