A Mental Health Break

Healing Trauma, Understanding Micro-dosing, and Finding Happiness

May 07, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Matt Zemon Season 13 Episode 6
A Mental Health Break
Healing Trauma, Understanding Micro-dosing, and Finding Happiness
Show Notes

Matt has seen firsthand how psychedelics have helped people from different walks of life, and his goal is to "normalize" the conversation and reduce stigma. With an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health, Matt co-founded two companies dedicated to improving mental health and well-being using the power of legal psychedelics.

Other areas of discussion:

  • Redefining happiness
  • Healing trauma
  • Childhood traumatic experiences 
  • Removing shame blame and guilt
  • Not independent, but interconnected 
  • Fostering a deep sense of community and relationships 
  • Learning healing growing 

He brings expert insight to the show, including answering How and why people are micro-dosing, How psychedelic medicine (or ketamine) being used for depression? Anxiety? Trauma? Optimization?

Now, he's launched HAPPŸŸ, where he and his team are reimagining mental health using guided ketamine therapy. Matt loves to share his journey with psychedelics and mental health, myths and rumours around psychedelic medicine, and how psychedelics can play a powerful role in healing and connection, both for the people that choose to use them and for those that do not.

Get ready for the spotlight story at the halfway point. We are going to check out an article from the Harvard Health Publishing the topic of psychedelics.  Follow along here.

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