A Mental Health Break

Accepting the LGBTQ+ community with Dr. Lulu: The Momatrician

May 13, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Dr. Lulu Season 13 Episode 7
A Mental Health Break
Accepting the LGBTQ+ community with Dr. Lulu: The Momatrician
Show Notes

Working to end youth suicide by helping parents accept their LGBTQ children.

Uchenna Umeh, MD, also known as, Dr. Lulu and The Momatrician, returns to the show for the first time since January 28, 2020! Listen to that show here! This US Air Force veteran, retired pediatrician and life coach is back. Get ready for an incredible show.

“It’s probably a phase.”  

When I was 16yrs old I told my Nigerian father that I liked girls. He didn’t yell, he didn’t get angry at me, he didn’t disown me or make me feel bad and somehow inadequate. He did not say anything to make me regret what I had just revealed to him. Instead, he kindly told me his thoughts. “Nne, it’s probably a phase.”  

While I grew up knowing that I like girls, I did what my parents and the rest of the world expected of me. I married a man, tried to live happily ever after, and went about my business. Then I had my first child. And from the age of 2 to 3, I suspected my child was gay. I also knew that my ex-husband, like most Nigerians, is intensely homophobic and somewhere deep inside, my heart sank.

Other areas of discussion:

  • Refuge App- log on and find gender neutral bathrooms
  • Gender Identity- how your brain sees you, not how the world does

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