A Mental Health Break

A Parent's Toolbox with Mel Peirce

May 20, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Mel Peirce Season 13 Episode 8
A Mental Health Break
A Parent's Toolbox with Mel Peirce
Show Notes

Would you like to dive into parenting tips and how to properly help the children in our lives? 

A Parent’s Toolbox is so important. Mel Peirce is here and she will provide you with tools you need. 

With the right parenting toolbox you have:

  • Less Worry and Less Stress

When you have parenting tools to handle challenges you no longer waste time or energy not knowing what to do — or wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

  • Better Relationships

When you know exactly what communication tools to add to your toolbox, you get to know your kids better and grow your connection.

  • More Confidence

When you have better tools in your parenting toolbox, you parent with more confidence and raise
 confident kids.

Other areas of discussion:

  • Teaching kids the skills to cope with the feelings and emotions 
  • What we do as parents matters
  • Different types of parenting 
  • Asking children better questions 

Get ready for the spotlight story at the halfway point. Together are going to look at an article titled, How Parents Affect Their Child's Mental Health from Integris Health. Follow along here.


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