A Mental Health Break

Energetic Clutter + Loving Yourself with Tanya Cole Lesnick

June 22, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Tanya Cole Lesnick Season 13 Episode 12
A Mental Health Break
Energetic Clutter + Loving Yourself with Tanya Cole Lesnick
Show Notes

After 3.5+ years, the show finally has an Instagram Live episode. Welcome back, Tanya.

Areas of discussion:

  • Cleaning out our life's clutter
  • Change is never easy
  • Loving yourself
  • What is your message?
  • People Pleasing

Link to her first episode here: How Therapy Changed Her World: Graphic Design to LCSW

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Her Story:
..the one that brought me to therapeutic work, began when I was in my mid-twenties and had my own first experience with a therapist. 

At the time my love life wasn’t living up to my hopes and I wanted a better understanding of what was getting in the way. 

Some thirty-odd years ago now, going to therapy was something I felt a lot of shame about. I felt flawed, broken, and didn’t want to share those parts of myself with someone else, but finding the courage to reach out to my therapist led to more sharing than I ever expected. 

We met for traditional one-on-one therapy, but soon she was encouraging me to participate in group therapy. I’ll admit that I questioned group, but tried it because I trusted her, and through it found answers and a new path.

That experience with group therapy changed my life so significantly that not only did I meet and marry my husband during that time, I also made the decision to leave my career as a graphic designer and become a therapist myself, getting a Master’s in Social Work from NYU, and dedicating my life to helping others lead lives that they truly love.

During my nearly three decades as a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist and coach I have run hundreds of groups, and continue to find therapeutic groups to be an incredibly powerful way to foster emotional growth.

Although I have extensive experience in outpatient hospital mental health and private practice settings, it’s in the action-focused coaching work that I have seen the most lasting change. I have combined my two most powerful tools—group and coaching work—to create my transformational coaching program,  Activate.

My own life gets lit up by this work, as well as by my 30-year marriage, my two incredible daughters, my adorable dachshund, a crackling fire, a hike in the woods, hanging with friends, and a really good rom-com. 

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