A Mental Health Break

Overcoming Health Scares to Find Happiness with Alyssa Young

June 29, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Alyssa Young Season 13 Episode 13
A Mental Health Break
Overcoming Health Scares to Find Happiness with Alyssa Young
Show Notes

Looking for the strength to overcome a health scare? This week's guest courageously shares her journey battling  an eating disorder, an early onset scare with breast cancer, and managing her anxiety. 

Other areas of discussion with Alyssa Young: 

  • Having a mindset that you are already doing enough
  • Why breathing exercises are a game changer
  • Don’t downplay your tough time
  • Scheduling time for happiness

At the young age of 14 years old, Alyssa experienced her first anxiety attack. She was actually on a mission trip in Miami with her youth group, and didn't even realize what "anxiety" was at the time.

Anxiety can present itself in so many different ways, including physical symptoms of which she was experiencing. Her youth pastor and another one of their other staff members took her to the emergency room late that evening, and as they ran many tests to check everything physically, everything came back normal.

Nothing was physically wrong, which was great news, but when they concluded everything, she was told that she had an anxiety attack. Upon returning home from the mission trip, Alyssa followed up with her PCP as normal, and began her journey with a phenomenal therapist.

Alyssa learned the ins and outs of anxiety and what it was, what could trigger it, and gained so many amazing tools that she still implements to this day! Since the age of 14, which would be 11 years ago, Alyssa has been thrown many curveballs in her life including an aggressive eating disorder, an early onset scare with breast cancer, being hospitalized due to both of those, and of course the ongoing journey of feeling that she is enough in every way.

Stay tuned for the spotlight story at the end of the show. Vincent and Alyssa will dive into an article discussing eating disorders. You can follow along at this link: https://centerfordiscovery.com/blog/common-mental-health-disorders-associated-eating-disorders/

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