A Mental Health Break

Nutrition, Dieting, and Motherhood with Brooke Sobh

August 31, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Brooke Sobh Season 14 Episode 9
A Mental Health Break
Nutrition, Dieting, and Motherhood with Brooke Sobh
Show Notes

Nutrition, Dieting, Motherhood, and everything in between this week with Brooke Sobh. She gives us the confidence to live our best lives, and a few areas of discussion include health anxiety, the importance of keeping blood sugar stable, mental health advice for moms, happy gut -> happy brain, and recognizing you need a happy activity in your life when life gets busy.

Meet Brooke Sobh - "I am the Founder of Brooke Sobh Nutrition. I went to Florida State University for my Bachelor's in Dietetics and the University of North Florida for my Master's in Dietetics.

I have been a registered and licensed dietitian for 12 years and I’m also a certified lactation consultant. I have worked in several fields as a dietitian such as WIC (women, infants, and children) for 5 years, a clinical dietitian in the ICU for 5 years, and now a fat loss dietitian!

I have a passion for teaching you how to eat the foods you love, build muscle, and burn fat WITHOUT low-calorie diets or endless hours of cardio.

When I’m not working, you can find me taking walks with my husband, my two daughters and pups, or playing beach volleyball (my biggest passion!)."

Learn more about the guest and show at www.VincentALanci.com.

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