A Mental Health Break

Key Mental Health News Around the Nation

September 15, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci Season 14 Episode 11
A Mental Health Break
Key Mental Health News Around the Nation
Show Notes

Let's switch it up! Bringing awareness to mental health happenings around the country, Host Vincent A. Lanci discusses these areas:

  • Urgent care specializing in mental health 
  • Surprise, last-minute changes to mental health bond
  • Taking mental health breaks or leaves at work
  • Mental health struggles - Comparing Gen Z with Millennials
  • Mobile crisis teams

Articles Discussed:

  • Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo extends mental health leave

  • Urgent care for mental health: How a Maryland clinic is helping thousands of patients

  • Does Gen Z struggle more with mental health than millennials? New polling shows signs of a shift

  • ‘We are horrified’: Late changes to Newsom’s $6 billion mental health bond surprise advocates

  • Mobile crisis teams still sidelined despite growing need for mental health services in US, advocates warn

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