A Mental Health Break

Prioritizing Our Own Happiness with Erica Holland

October 06, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Erica Holand Season 15 Episode 1
A Mental Health Break
Prioritizing Our Own Happiness with Erica Holland
Show Notes

Her company was born out of her mental health journey! An incredible testimonial from Erica Holland on how leaving her corporate job changed everything, including a mental health boost.

A few areas of discussion with Erica Holland include:
-How her mental health journey brought her to create her flower company
-How to recognize anxiety attacks are coming
-Taking a step back to focus on ourselves
-Finding ways to leave stress behind
-How to realign your whole body
-Sound healing

Meet our guest: Erica Holland, a former graphic designer from New Jersey discovered her passion for flowers while on a journey to Bali to prioritize her mental health and healthy living. Faced with anxiety and stress from her advertising career, she discovered solace in working and playing with flowers. 

Leaving behind her corporate job, Erica delved into the world of floristry.  She began teaching flower arranging classes, using vibrant colors and fragrant blooms to bring joy and peace to others. Through flower arranging and flower meditations, she helps people harness the calming influence of nature to relax, ground, and recenter. 

She is now the owner and founder of The Roaming Petal based in Saint Petersburg FL where she brings flower arranging classes to private, public, and corporate events. In her downtime, you can catch her enjoying the sunshine, attending yoga, or spending quality time with friends and family.

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