A Mental Health Break

From Burnout to Connecting with her Inner Truth with Jennifer Gellock

October 13, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Jennifer Gellock Season 15 Episode 2
A Mental Health Break
From Burnout to Connecting with her Inner Truth with Jennifer Gellock
Show Notes

At the age of thirty-one, she burned out her nervous system after living most of her life with unmanaged chronic stress and anxiety. For too many years, she fought against herself and became emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted from trudging through the resistance of modern life.

Then in 2020, she awakened to a higher knowing and surrendered to a path of doing years of inner work that transformed her from the inside out. Her own story has led her down a path to help others connect back to their own inner truth. Her work empowers people to become the fullest expression of themselves in this lifetime. This week, Jennifer Gellock shares his inspiring journey!

A few areas of discussion with Jennifer include:
-Job burnout
-Strategies to deal with panic attacks 
-How she moved past imposter syndrome
-How to move past that identity you knew your whole life into forming a new identity 
-Working in an aligned space
-Sports = support system
-What to do when you feel something may be off

Meet our guest: Dr. Jennifer Gellock is a poet, transformational guide for heart-led leaders, and the founder of Inward Athlete. She left her job as a full-time professor in May of 2023 to step fully into her role as an entrepreneur and continue on her mission to shift others back home to their hearts. 

In her work today, with personal clients and at her workshops, she uses a range of conscious awareness and mindfulness tools that include: subconscious reprogramming/mindset work, breathwork, journaling/poetry exercises, visualization techniques, energetic hygiene, and clearing practices, prayers of surrender and self-love, and her intuitive leadership guidance to shift others back home to their own inner knowing and take action from that place. 

She has completed coursework and certifications to become a trauma-informed practitioner, mental health first aid responder, and experiential teaching and inclusive educator.

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