A Mental Health Break

Ending 2023 in Nigeria with Yewande "Wendy" Adebayo

December 31, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Yewande Adebayo Season 15 Episode 12
A Mental Health Break
Ending 2023 in Nigeria with Yewande "Wendy" Adebayo
Show Notes

The final show of 2023 is here, and you do not want to miss this!

Additional areas discussed with Wendy include:
-Dealing with hostile work environments
-How jobs and careers can affect your mental health
-Don't jeopardize your Mental Health for $
-Mental health tips for entrepreneurs

Meet our guest: Yewande Adebayo, a seasoned hospitality specialist and serial entrepreneur who brings over a decade of valuable experience to our mental health podcast. 

Her journey is marked by resilience and success in the dynamic world of business, making her insights invaluable for discussions on maintaining mental well-being in high-pressure industries.

Link to her episode on That Entrepreneur Show: https://thatentrepreneurshow.buzzsprout.com/737252/13230941-a-stop-in-nigeria-airgist-with-wendy-on-podcast-to-podcast

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