A Mental Health Break

Near Suicide to a Mental Health Community of 100,000 with Nigel Thomas

January 28, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Nigel Thomas Season 16 Episode 4
A Mental Health Break
Near Suicide to a Mental Health Community of 100,000 with Nigel Thomas
Show Notes

The relentless bullying at school.
The battle with my own demons.
A loss that nearly cost me my life.
Striving through constant setbacks to command my own destiny.
Have all led to this.
Areas discussed with Nigel Thomas include:

  • How to cope with losing someone who believed in you most
  • How to build self-belief
  • The importance of finding your community
  • Focus on inputs and tracking your progress
  • FREE Weekly newsletter that takes 50 hours to complete to make an impact for you
  • Going with the flow

More on our guest: In September 2023, I surpassed a promise I made two years ago to take a company to $100,000/month in revenue. The key? Dreaming like a giant but fighting like an underdog.
Guided by the gift of self-belief that one woman gave me. The same woman who cut me off overnight and left me contemplating suicide. But the self-belief she instilled remains a guiding force.
It’s the very gift that led David to defeat the mighty Goliath with just a slingshot and a few pebbles.

The greatest underdog story of all time.
Through the David to Goliath newsletter, I’m here to rally individuals rejected by society who know deep down they’re destined for greatness.
Giving up a 6-figure salary, I’m laying bare my soul and putting everything on the line, to help entrepreneurs tear down the walls of rejection, smash through their personal barriers, and claim their place at the top of the mountain.
The newsletter unravels the raw, uncut life of an entrepreneur, as well as stories of triumph from the greatest leaders of our generation.

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