A Mental Health Break

#225: Transforming Through Life with Dr. Tori Ellis

February 05, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Dr. Tori Ellis Season 16 Episode 5
A Mental Health Break
#225: Transforming Through Life with Dr. Tori Ellis
Show Notes

Are you ready to become empowered? You came to the right place. A few areas Dr. Tori Ellis discusses are:
-how to cope with not over-excelling anymore
-going from  an A student to Cs: Leading to depression and anxiety 
-being away from family for the first time

-doctors couldn't diagnose what she was feeling and said it was all in her head
-feeling sluggish from pills- took off- detox - wanted to find a holistic way 
-mental health challenges of having a baby during Covid

Dr. Tori Ellis, a Transformational Life and Business Coach and Best-Selling Author, is a native of New York with a lifelong aspiration to lead and guide others in education and the workplace. Inspired by her family's commitment to empowering youth, Tori pursued undergraduate studies in Psychology and Criminal Justice, followed by a Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a PsyD. in Human and Organizational Psychology.

As a "millennial," she is dedicated to providing her peers and future generations with tools for exemplary societal contributions, emphasizing wellness, positive psychology, and entrepreneurship. Her Best-Selling book, "The Sound of Business: Seeing Entrepreneurship through Hip Hop," introduces these concepts. Tori, now a new mom, passionately shares impactful stories to inspire children worldwide, encouraging them to pursue their passions and excel in various aspects of life, including business, education, the arts, sports, and everyday living.

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