A Mental Health Break

#226: Why You Need a Personal Plan Too, Not Just a Business Plan with John St Pierre

February 11, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ John St Pierre Season 16 Episode 6
A Mental Health Break
#226: Why You Need a Personal Plan Too, Not Just a Business Plan with John St Pierre
Show Notes

Click play to learn how a failure changed everything. A few other areas John St. Pierre discusses are:
-how to program a subconscious mind 
-12 min visualization to start the day
-how your personal plan and business plan should marry together
-how taking care of yourself helps your career and other relationships 
-the power of routines 

Meet our guest: "Hi, I'm John St. Pierre, an entrepreneurial strategist, business growth advisor, and co-host of the Entrepreneurs United Podcast. I have over 25 years of experience in co-founding and growing successful businesses across various industries. 

I'm also the author of "The $100M Journey: Your Guide To Growing The Business Of Your Dreams Without Going Off The Cliff!", a book that shares my proven strategies and insights on how to scale your business while avoiding costly pitfalls.

My passion is to help ambitious entrepreneurs like you achieve your dreams and create lasting value. Whether you need guidance on protecting and growing your equity, reinvesting strategically, fostering a culture of intrapreneurship, or moving from CEO to Chairperson, I'm here to support you. 

I also invite you to join me and my cohost, Rich Hoffmann, on the Entrepreneurs United Podcast, where we interview accomplished entrepreneurs and extract actionable advice and inspiration to fuel your journey. "

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