A Mental Health Break

Dr. Uchenna Umeh, or better known as, "Dr. Lulu", and Vincent A. Lanci talk all things Mental Health!

January 28, 2020 Vincent A. Lanci/ Dr. Uchenna Umeh (Dr. Lulu) Season 1 Episode 6
A Mental Health Break
Dr. Uchenna Umeh, or better known as, "Dr. Lulu", and Vincent A. Lanci talk all things Mental Health!
Show Notes

Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci (www.vincentlanci.com)
Guest Name: Dr. Uchenna Umeh (Dr. Lulu)


Would it benefit you to hear from Mental Health Professionals and Influencers? Would it add value to your life to also hear authentic stories from people talking about their mental health, the issues they face, and how they actively combat them? Congratulations, this is the perfect podcast for you!

Ever since my accident, and into recovery, I learned that I needed to prioritize my mental health. And my goal for this podcast is to help you do so, too!

For the sixth episode of Season 1, Vincent A. Lanci brings on Dr. Uchenna Umeh, or as you may know of as, "Dr. Lulu."

​She is a board certified Pediatrician, Teen Expert, and National Keynote Speaker with nearly three decades of clinical experience, a mother of two teenagers and one young adult, and the founder and CEO of Teen Alive; An online Teen Wellness resource, dedicated to creating awareness for, and fighting bullying, childhood, teen and young adult depression and suicide.

Several years ago, she lost one of her beloved patients to suicide after he struggled with bouts of depression. Not only that, one of her sons has had struggles with depression and so has she. Her mission is to end Teen Depression and Teen Suicide.

Take a Deep Breath! It's time to make your day a better one.

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Guest Name: Dr. Uchenna Umeh (Dr. Lulu)
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