A Mental Health Break

She Put Down the Drink & Walked into the Solution

April 06, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Leanne Villani Season 5 Episode 1
A Mental Health Break
She Put Down the Drink & Walked into the Solution
Show Notes

This podcast is all things MENTAL HEALTH! After Host Vincent A. Lanci suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he learned  he needed to prioritize his mental health. Mental health professionals and advocates from around the world share their stories relating to mental health. After this episode, check out, Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health, available on Amazon now.

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Would it add value to your life to hear mental health professionals and advocates share their authentic stories related to mental health? If so, this is the perfect podcast for you!
For the Season 5 Premiere and 77th episode, Vincent A. Lanci brings on the Host of BeYouFullMind podcast, Leanne Villani.

This week’s guest went from Living Drunk to living free. 

She found the solution to her life was putting down the drink & walking into the solution.

Leanne Villani is the founder of BeYouFullMind LLC and is now a Motivational Speaker and the host of the fast-growing podcast Beyoufullmind that ranked #30 in Vietnam last year & has gained 21k listeners from speaking her truth to the world. 

Leanne focuses on leadership initiatives and challenge audiences to hone into their life calling. She has made her mental health a priority and her life, and we will learn all about her story. 

Her personal and professional experience will level up your mental health both short and long term. Enjoy the show.

Host Name:
Vincent A. Lanci ([email protected])
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCy0dil34Q5ILEuHgLVmfhXQ
Website: vincentalanci.com

Guest Name: Leanne Villani
Email: [email protected]
Link to all of her work: https://linktr.ee/Beyoufullmind

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