A Mental Health Break

Hoffman Institute's, and Grappling Author, Andy Horning Shares His Wisdom

July 27, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Andy Horning Season 6 Episode 4
A Mental Health Break
Hoffman Institute's, and Grappling Author, Andy Horning Shares His Wisdom
Show Notes

Episode 94 of A Mental Health Break -  Mental health advocates and professionals share their stories from around the world.

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Andy Horning
is a coach and teacher at the Hoffman Institute, an organization dedicated to transformative education, spiritual growth, and dimensional leadership for those seeking clarity in their personal and professional lives.

He’s the co-host of The Hoffman Podcast, creator and host of the podcast Elephant Talk, a keynote speaker, and a volunteer and former board chair for Intercambio Uniting Communities. 

Andy earned his master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Michigan and is a former licensed private-practice psychotherapist. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife of nearly two decades and their two children.

About Grappling: White Men’s Journey from Fragile to Agile:
What started as an internal whisper has become a steady rumble. It’s getting louder, feeling heavier the more you try to ignore it. If you’re a white man in America, you have a decision to make: become an agent of change or a victim of progress.

White men have found themselves entrenched in a privileged status quo for centuries. Old patterns and learned behavior have contributed to their success, but things are changing; our world is evolving. We’re tackling racism and sexism head-on. White masculinity, as we know it, is in the midst of a revolution.

In Grappling, Andrew Horning helps you identify the best man you can be in a rapidly evolving world. By focusing on intrapersonal and interpersonal elements, Andrew provides you with practical tools for navigating today’s complex issues and balancing masculinity with accountability. Learn how to utilize compassion and courage to rewrite your story, understand your true strengths, and realize the freedom that comes with self-discovery.

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