A Mental Health Break

After Burnout, This Therapist Made Time for Herself, Too

August 17, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Annie Schuessler Season 6 Episode 7
A Mental Health Break
After Burnout, This Therapist Made Time for Herself, Too
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Let’s Level Up Your Mental Health! We are closing in on 100 Episodes! Mental health advocates and professionals share their stories from around the world to help you on your journey. Hosted by Author of "Mental Health Week" and Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health", Vincent A. Lanci.

Episode 97 of A Mental Health Break is here with Annie Schuessler.

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It is important to engage in activities that make us happy! This will always improve our mental health. Today's guest teaches us just how important it is through her first-hand experiences. 

A burned out therapist who closed her practice of 20 years and started coaching, so she can make more time for joy (and ukulele playing!)

After experiencing the early stages of burnout while running her private therapy practice, Annie knew she had to build a new business that was centered around her values. As the family breadwinner, making the change wasn’t an easy choice, but with the support of her wife, Annie was able to finally liberate herself and build a sustainable and joyful business.

Now instead of crying in the fetal position about how she feels overwhelmed in her business (yes, that really happened), she works 20 hours per week and has time for hobbies, the latest of which is playing the ukulele. (She’s currently working her way through playing Elton John’s library just because it brings her joy.)

Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of the podcast Rebel Therapist® Podcast. With her Rebel Therapist®Programs, she helps therapists, healers and coaches make an impact beyond a traditional private practice.

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