A Mental Health Break

How Art Heals Anxiety & Beyond

August 31, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Jenn Griffith Season 6 Episode 9
A Mental Health Break
How Art Heals Anxiety & Beyond
Show Notes

Improve Your Mental Health with This Week's Guest! 

Mental health advocates and professionals share their stories from around the world to help you on your journey.

Episode 99 of A Mental Health Break is here with Jenn Griffith. Hosted by the Author of "Mental Health Week" and Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health", Vincent A. Lanci.

Connecting with different mental health advocates around the world will help in our mission to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. You never know whose journey will resonate with you most.

Jenn is streaming in from South Carolina. Some ways she adds value is through:

  • Admirably sharing the mental health challenges she has experienced in her life
  • The tools that help her succeed on a daily and long-term basis
  • How art helps her mental health in several ways
  • So much more!

Learn more about Jenn:

Jenn Griffith is a contemporary painter, based in Charleston, SC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Furman University, and continued Arts certificates from Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York.

Jenn's artwork is easily recognized, whether it is a sharp, realistic painting of water or a refurbished surfboard with bright palms or glistening waves. These works now belong to collectors all over the US and Canada, as well as storefronts and brands who have commissioned custom installations.

Jenn aims to draw attention to water through her paintings and, in turn, attract conservation of our waterways. She selectively works with brands who align with this mission and have a shared sense of preservation. Her tagline, "don't drink the water" is occastionally inquired upon, to which Jenn explains, "it is two-fold: it is a serious commentary on the world's water crisis, and our need for better-quality drinking water, whether in our own taps or around the globe, as well as the conservation of our oceanic ecosystems. I

Tune in to gain new tools for success and more!

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