A Mental Health Break

The 4th Trimester

September 28, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Madison Wade Season 6 Episode 13
A Mental Health Break
The 4th Trimester
Show Notes

Thank you for taking care of your mental health. Welcome to the Season 6 Finale of A Mental Health Break. You are taking a step in the right direction by tuning in. This is where mental health advocates and professionals share their "WHY" relating to mental health and stream from around the world to help you on your journey.

For the Season 6 Finale and Season 7 Premiere, the show will take a deep look into PostPartum and how it is related to mental health. For all new, current, and expecting moms, this is the show for you. If you are a man, this is a valuable show for you as you will learn how to take care of the Mom(s) in your life. What is the 4th Trimester?


Meet  Wade: 

Madison Wade will share her experiences with postpartum to help those who may be experiencing this or have females in their lives struggling.  What happens once the baby is born? When many have a newborn, they are not informed about the 4th trimester.

Wade courageously discusses her journey after giving birth and dives into the more challenging areas. When postpartum carries over to a new month, what do you do? Learn all of the difficult challenges Madison faced, how she recovered, how to prepare for a newborn, and HOW TO THRIVE after pregnancy.   

Her ambition to help others carries further as she shares her work towards helping new mom's fill the "gap" on their resume while being away from work. 

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