A Mental Health Break

Conquer Social Anxiety with Tom Bailey

October 26, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Tom Bailey Season 7 Episode 4
A Mental Health Break
Conquer Social Anxiety with Tom Bailey
Show Notes

Let's take A Mental Health Break. This is the show where mental health advocates and professionals worldwide share their stories and "WHY" relating to mental health.

For the Season 7, Episode 4, the show stops in England to sit down with Tom Bailey. On this episode, you will learn to gain confidence, eliminate social anxiety, and learn speaking tips.


Meet  Bailey: 

Bailey spent his whole life staying behind the scenes until he wanted to step outside his comfort zone. He has not looked back!

Tom Bailey is the founder of Succeed Through Speaking and he is now a speaking and confidence coach.

Something that may surprise you is that he spent almost the first 30 years of his life becoming an expert at avoiding public speaking due to his low confidence, a fear of public speaking
and social anxiety. 

This left him feeling withdrawn from society and kick started his mission to
overcome his struggles and now helps others to do the same.

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