A Mental Health Break

Single Mom Survives Home Invasion, Rape, Abuse

November 02, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Shellie Hunt Season 7 Episode 5
A Mental Health Break
Single Mom Survives Home Invasion, Rape, Abuse
Show Notes

Home invasion. Rape. Abuse. Domestic Abuse. She never gave up. Shellie Hunt teaches us that moving forward is possible.

For the Season 7, Episode 5, the show travels to California to talk with the worldwide Shellie Hunt. On this episode, you will learn to how to define your trauma and not let it define you, gain confidence, manage your time more effectively, and so much more. This week's spotlight story is Ellen Degeneres.

Let's take A Mental Health Break. This is the show where mental health advocates and professionals worldwide share their stories, advice, and "WHY" relating to mental health.


Moving forward is possible. The choice to move forward after trauma. The choice to own three companies. The choice of being pregnant, a single mom, and adopting two more without a partner. Shellie Hunt does it all and is an inspiration to all.

She also teaches us why it is important to know what your triggers are and who to recognize them.

She describes all her adversity as a gift. Learn WHY and HOW she found a way to think of these terrible situations as a gift by clicking play.  She made it through and came out on the other side.

Professionally, she is the Founder of 3 Companies:
Women of Global Change: The WGC participates in communities and also International projects of betterment. We do this through many different programs, missions and adventures. 

Success is by Design, LLC: A Life Success Coaching program and corporate CEO and management expansion training. We have worked with over 10,000 individuals and Fortune 100 companies. We train in the precise "how to's" for success oriented results.

Phoenix Flight Productions: Hunt writes and produces TV Shows, scripts commercials,  full film production, and media.

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