A Mental Health Break

All Things Anxiety + Finding Natures Vaccine with Jodie Ellenor

August 05, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Jodie Ellenor Season 14 Episode 4
A Mental Health Break
All Things Anxiety + Finding Natures Vaccine with Jodie Ellenor
Show Notes

All Things Anxiety + Finding Natures Vaccine as we welcome back Jodie Ellenor! Some other areas discussed include:

  • KAMBO - Natures Vaccine
  • Brain rehab
  • Diet rehab
  • What’s imbalanced in the body?
  • Functional medicine testing ( Can be done in your own home)
  • Family constellation work 
  • Ancestral trauma
  • Giving women hope

Jodie is an anxiety expert extraordinaire. Jodie became passionate about functional medicine through her own health journey. She spent 15 years seeking answers to gut issues and anxiety after living in Africa. When she isn’t talking about anxiety, you will find Jodie outdoors. She has a love affair with nature and is an avid photographer.

She helps women eliminate worry, racing thoughts, panic attacks, concentration challenges, and sleepless nights.

Check out her first episode on the show here: https://amentalhealthbreak.buzzsprout.com/743867/10556337-hidden-causes-to-anxiety-and-how-to-heal-anxiety-holistically

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Check out her website here: http://www.healingjourneyservices.com

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