A Mental Health Break

#228: Getting Centered with Michael LeBlanc

February 25, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Michael LeBlanc Season 16 Episode 8
A Mental Health Break
#228: Getting Centered with Michael LeBlanc
Show Notes

One of our show favorites returns! A few other areas Michael LeBlanc discusses are:
- centered in the morning and how it stays throughout the day
-how to remove yourself from a negative space by taking charge of your breathing  (connects to heart-> connects to brain)
-getting quiet and centered
-all the latest since his last appearance!

If you missed Michael's last episode in  2022, you can catch up here after this show ends! He first stopped by in 2021; you can follow his mental health journey from the start here.

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Meet our guest: Whatever you are struggling with or wanting to change and improve has a certain consciousness and energy about it. Shift your Consciousness and Energy, and something new and improved has to happen! You can learn how to shift your Consciousness and Energy in any and all areas of your life and ultimately Manifest Your Best Life!

As an Amazon best-selling author, energy-meditations coach, licensed clinical social worker, and speaker-teacher, I help individuals and groups tap into their Divine Intelligence, gain clarity, move past limiting beliefs, and embody the consciousness and energy of living their dreams fulfilled…living their prayer answered.

The energy of your problem is different than the energy of your solution. I’ve developed two customized guided Energy Meditations to help others achieve this inner shift:

1- is a Breath and heart-focused guided meditation to help others leave their analytical mind and tap into their Divine Center…that space of well-being and solutions

2- is my Return to Wholeness meditation, which guides others to bless and balance their energy centers (chakras)

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